Barenbrug is one of Australia’s leading seed businesses specialising in research and development, marketing, extension and distribution of proprietary pasture and forage seeds, cropping, turf and seed enhancement technology.


Key products in our range include temperate and tropical pasture varieties, fodder crops, forage cereals, field crops and turf and amenity grasses.


Barenbrug has a strong research and development focus with significant programs being conducted at our facilities near Howlong, New South Wales and Gatton, Queensland as well as additional regional sites across the country.


We also partner with leading national and international agricultural organisations to undertake collaborative plant breeding and research to ensure our customers grow the most productive varieties to maximise farm output.


Seed Enhancement

As market leaders in both enhancement formulations and seed coating technology we can ensure our seeds are protected in the germination phase giving them the best chance to thrive and deliver to their full potential.


Sales and Technical Support

Managing a pasture is just as important as choosing the right seed. Our highly experienced team of territory managers can offer valuable and timely advice to guide farmers and retailers in making the right decisions.


Seed Mixes

Seed mixes provide the best performance in many situations. Using our extensive pasture knowledge we have developed a range of “off the shelf” seed mixes as well as custom mixes tailored to specific farms requirements.


Seed Quality

At Barenbrug, we select the best, so you can plant the best. Our range of pasture seeds must pass our rigorous testing and procurement procedures before we make them available.


Seed Availability & Export

Our efficient logistic facilities distributing seed through an extensive network of rural retailers means that farmers can access our products when and where they need them.



We also export to our international customers in more than 50 countries around the globe. We ensure timely shipping delivery, import-export documentation, product certification, prompt and personalised service and total customer satisfaction.



Barenbrug is a leader in turf research, quality and innovation and with 100 years of Barenbrug turf experience behind us, we have a strong reputation as the leader in Australia’s turf market.