Sales & service

Our commitment is to increase crop productivity and crop quality for our customers – ultimately in order to make life beautiful. To make this happen, we provide a world-class portfolio of leading-edge concepts to manage the production of grass and forage legumes, not only for today’s economic needs but also to better ensure a sustainable tomorrow. Our portfolio of varieties, mixtures, enhanced seed technology and more supplementary products is one to feel proud of.

Meeting our customers’ needs

Our on-site sales and technical specialists are available to help you put new varieties and technologies to work, provide training and assist with technical problems or anything else that might come up.


While we take pride in meeting our customers’ needs, we are equally privileged to look to them for inspiration for new, improved solutions. The better we deliver on your wants and needs, and help you grow your business, the better we can innovate and share our advances worldwide.


Find your solution


Customers in over 80 nations look to us for special solutions for special cases. As such, they don’t have to look far. Barenbrug subsidiaries, responsible for local marketing and sales throughout their respective regions, are there for you in over 18 countries on 6 continents.


Click on your country to identify the Barenbrug subsidiary who can tell you about sales, service and products near you. You can also check these websites to find your solution or contact us at Information.