Seed production

All Barenbrug subsidiaries have their own international production organization and processing facilities. Furthermore, a substantial part of the requirement for grass, clover and alfalfa seed is produced by third parties. To achieve this, Barenbrug has longstanding partnerships with numerous experienced seed production companies around the world, managed by professional Production Managers.

Seed production

BARENBRUG is great in the production of grass seeds, worldwide.

The continuous growth in turnover, which is stimulated even more by the new varieties released by our world-wide breeding organization, makes it necessary to increase the production of seed for the different varieties.


The seed production departments in the Royal Barenbrug Group are responsible for the international production of grass seed and all related activities, such as price negotiations, drawing up contracts, supervising cultivation, giving advice, pioneering etc. In short, a challenge with many opportunities at home and abroad.


The production of grass seeds for Barenbrug takes place in a many different countries. About 85% of the production land is in Europe and North America. Important production countries for the Group are the Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Germany, UK , USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The total seed production is about 82 million kilograms.


The professional competence of the grass seed growers and the expert supervision by Barenbrug Production Managers guarantee excellent seed quality, a good yield and continuity.


Grass seed cultivation offers many benefits to the grower:

  • it fits in well with the rotation of crops 
  • improved structure and positive effect on the yield of subsequent crops
  • healthy financial returns 
  • more efficient use of the labour and machinery available
  • extra investments are low 


Advantages of growing grass seed for Barenbrug include:

  • expert personal cultivation advice 
  • wide range of varieties geared to the individual wishes of the grass seed grower
  • relatively high purchase price and good kg yields 
  • continuity and a partnership for many years


If you have any questions and/or are interested in producing grass seed please contact:


Helmig Spijkerboer

Global Production Coordinator

Tel 06-53294678