Barenbrug Spring Campaign 2021


Spring – the season of new growth.


Here at Barenbrug we recognise that as the days grow longer, and the weather gets warmer, it is the time to think about spring planting for summer harvest, particularly in the temperate regions of Australia.


Our range of Forage and Pasture seeds gives you the foundations for grazing of livestock for beef, dairy, sheep and wool, and makes a valuable contribution to on-farm hay and silage. To ensure the success of your crop, our team of agronomists and territory managers can provide you with all the advice you need from paddock preparation to harvest. Get your local Barenbrug Territory Manager to get in touch with you! Request a call here & they'll get back to you.


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Get the best advice on sub clover selection for success


If set-up successfully, a sub clover stand can last for decades, so it pays to get it right in the establishment year. A strong understanding of your paddocks and good preparation are critical to success.


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Get the best advice on Lucerne establishment & management


Managed correctly lucerne will persist and produce for many years. Good planning and sound agronomy practices will ensure the best results from year to year.


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