Put your pasture on the road to success!

What does pasture success look like to you?

Every producer will see this differently. You must ask yourself this question every season to ascertain what you want and need from your farm’s operation. It builds a destination that you can plan and build a road towards and provide yourself the opportunity to find long term operational sustainability. In an ideal world, pasture success is something which comes because of hard work, tireless toiling, and endless love for the land you work on.


Unfortunately, in most instances, that is not the case. We are often confronted with roadblocks which prevent us from achieving our full pasture potential. At Barenbrug we would like to help you overcome these common pasture management roadblocks whether you be a dairy farmer, or a beef or sheep enterprise, and help put your pasture onto the road of success. You will find below all you will need to know about better pasture productivity, pasture rotation and renovation, pasture variety and seed selection and disease, climate, and pest pressures.


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Maximising home-grown feed

Barenbrug are experts in pasture productivity advice and providing seed varieties that support this advice. Maximising home-grown feed does have twists and turns but avoiding shortcuts and following the right path will get you to the right destination. Find out more


Pasture at a crossroad?

There will come a time when your pasture will need more than a top dress or an oversow. Knowing when its time to rotate or renovate your fields is crucial for pasture success. Find out more 




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Not sure which way to sow?

Thankfully, there is no shortage of pasture options for Australian producers to maximise productivity. Find the most suitable pasture varieties for your enterprise and region. Find out more



Pasture performance pressures?

One of the biggest hindrances to pasture success are disease, climate and pest pressures. They often negate all your hard work and prevent your pasture from reaching its full potential. Knowing this, we have put together a little guide to help you anticipate and plan for those pests and disease problems, to ensure your pasture remains on the road to success. Find out more