Woolly Pod Vetch
  • Softer seeded than other Woolly Pod Vetches
  • Flowering – 10% at 124 days, 100% at 144 days
  • Reduces problems of volunteer vetch plants
  • Suitable for grazing, hay and green manuring
  • Highly efficient nitrogen fixation 


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    Woolly Pod Vetch
    • Has greater total dry matter production than Namoi
    • Very hard seeded (80-90%) for improved persistence
    • Better adapted to light soils than other Vetches
    • Similar in maturity to Capello (124) days 
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      Common Vetch
      • Earlier in maturity by 10-15 days than Morava
      • Replacement variety for Blanchefleur and Languedoc in low medium rainfall areas
      • Higher grain yields compared to Blanchefleur and Languedoc


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        Common Vetch
        • Resistant to Rust and tolerant to Ascochyta
        • Replacement for current varieties in areas with average rainfallabove 300mm
        • Soft seeded, non-shattering
        • Suitable for green manuring and grazing


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          Common Vetch
          • Earlier in maturity by 7-12 days than Rasina (from seeding to full flowering 90-100 days)
          • High yielding, highly rust resistant common vetch variety
          • Soft seeded


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            Woolly Pod Vetch
            • Best early vigour of all lines in SARDI research trials
            • Long term average dry matter yield 108% of Capello
            • Early maturity, it can be cut for hay 10-15 days earlier than current varieties


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