Brassica varieties available from Barenbrug Australia

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Hybrid leafy turnip
  • Graze in 6 – 8 weeks
  • 10 –15% yield advantage over older varieties
  • Improved early vigour
  • High stock acceptance and improved palatability
  • Excellent recovery from grazing
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Stubble turnip
  • Suitable for dairy, sheep and beef
  • High bulb percentage - approximately 45% of total yield
  • High yielding summer crop offering large volumes of feed
  • Low cost quality feed
  • Excellent break crop option in  pasture renewal programs
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  • Tall, high yielding kale
  • Excellent stem ME compared with other tall kales
  • Extended grazing periods due to excellent winter hardiness


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Forage rape
  • Produces very high dry-matter forage crops that are high energy and protein
  • Ideal for lamb-finishing in summer as other pasture feed quality declines
  • Ability to graze multiple times
  • An ideal break crop for before planting a permanent pasture  (e.g. Phalaris)
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Forage brassica
  • Rape/kale cross
  • Fast growing and high-yielding
  • Maturity typically 12 weeks, but can be grazed within 8 weeks under  some conditions
  • Produces high energy and high protein forage
  • Strong frost tolerance and resistance to powdery mildew
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  • Late maturing yellow fleshed swede
  • High bulb and leaf yield
  • Produces excellent total DM yields
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