Stubble turnip

  • High yielding summer crop offering large volumes of feed
  • Low cost quality feed
  • Suitable for dairy, sheep and beef
  • High bulb percentage - approximately 45% of total yield
  • Excellent break crop option in pasture renewal programs

Download a copy of the Dynamo turnip factsheet.


Dynamo is a globe shaped turnip providing a high yielding summer crop. It provides large volumes of low cost, quality feed when pasture quality and quantity declines. Dynamo produces a good level of bulb (around 45% of total yield). It is also an excellent break crop in pasture renewal programs. Dynamo is ready to graze 10–14 weeks after sowing. Suits dairy systems, sheep and cattle.


Good yield & feed quality

Dynamo helps maintain MS production over summer. It produces high DM yields, not significantly different from the top varieties and has excellent feed quality i.e. ME over 12.5 MJ/kg DM.


High bulb percentage

Summer turnips produce their yield in different ways. Dynamo produces a good level of bulb (around 45% of total yield), giving it an advantage in seasons when high levels of leaf diseases or pests are present


Low cost summer feed

Sowing a poor performing paddock into Dynamo makes sense as it can provide feed for around 13c/kg DM.










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