Winter active lucerne
  • Persistence 8–10 years
  • Exceptional persistence across a range of environments from low to high rainfall, dryland and irrigation
  • Well suited to mixed swards with perennial grasses such as winter active tall fescue, cocksfoot or phalaris
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SARDI 7 Series 2

Winter active lucerne
  • Winter Activity 7
  • Highest disease/pest package
  • Broad adaptability into all Australian lucerne growing regions
  • Shown to grow/persist in acidic soils down to pH 4.5Ca


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SARDI 10 Series 2

Highly winter active lucerne
  • Winter activity 10
  • Excellent seedling vigour
  • Excellent pest and disease tolerance
  • Improved persistence over SARDI 10 and other highly winter active cultivars
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Genesis II

Winter active lucerne
  • Winter activity rating 7
  • 3 - 5% improved herbage yield compared to Genesis
  • Winter active variety resistant to major root diseases


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Semi winter dormant lucerne
  • Semi winter dormant lucerne (dormancy class 5)
  • Bushy growth habit with fine stems and a low broad crown
  • Suited to challenging, wet, cold environments


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Winter active lucerne
  • Developed specifically for longer term mixed farming situations
  • Highly productive under irrigation
  • Tall, fine growth for easier hay cutting and less residual stem after grazing


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