Winter active lucerne
  • Winter activity: 6
  • Persistence: 10 years plus
  • Excellent grazing tolerance and persistence
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    SARDI 7 Series 2

    Winter active lucerne
    • Winter Activity: 7
    • Persistence: 5-7 years
    • High yielding


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      SARDI 10 Series 2

      Highly winter active lucerne
      • Highly winter active - rating of 10
      • Suited to cropping rotations, pasture mixes and year round hay production systems
      • Improved forage production and persistence over SARDI 10


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        Genesis II

        Winter active lucerne
        • Winter activity rating 7
        • 3 - 5% improved herbage yield compared to Genesis
        • Winter active variety resistant to major root diseases


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          SARDI 5

          Semi winter dormant lucerne
          • Semi winter dormant lucerne (dormancy class 5)
          • Bushy growth habit with fine stems and a low broad crown
          • Suited to challenging, wet, cold environments


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            SARDI 7

            Winter active lucerne
            • Developed specifically for longer term mixed farming situations
            • Highly productive under irrigation
            • Tall, fine growth for easier hay cutting and less residual stem after grazing


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