Regenerator pasture blend varieties available from Barenbrug Australia

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Regenerator™ Soil Improver

Seed blend
  • Improve soil structure
  • Increase microbial diversity
  • Boost soil organic matter and nitrogen
  • Sowing rate: 40-50kg/Ha
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Regenerator™ Pollinator Spring

Seed blend
  • Attract beneficial insects
  • Increase pollination in crops
  • Mix of open and flat flowers for all insects
  • Sowing rate: 40-50kg/Ha
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Green Manure

Seed blend
  • Nutrient sink – captures nutrients that may otherwise leach away below the cropping zone

  • Less reliance on artificial fertilisers

  • Often less irrigation needed on subsequent crops

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Curator Maca Mix

Lawn/turf seed
  • Better quality inter-rows
  • Low cut turf density
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Shade tolerance
  • Assisting in erosion control
  • Good drought tolerance
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