Annual ryegrass varieties available from Barenbrug Australia

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Annual Ryegrass
  • Late maturing diploid annual ryegrass
  • Densely tillered with fine leaves and an upright growth habit
  • Quick to first grazing


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Annual Ryegrass
  • Very late maturing tetraploid  annual ryegrass
  • Excellent establishment yield
  • Late season quality and re-growth
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Annual Ryegrass
  • Mid-late tetraploid annual Westerwold ryegrass
  • Excellent establishment vigour
  • Leading autumn and early  spring yield
  • Performs well in hot environments due to Australian selection pressures
  • Adaptable & reliable performance across a wide range of environments
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Annual Ryegrass
  • Diploid annual ryegrass
  • Good seedling vigour
  • Excellent early forage production


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