Italian ryegrass varieties available from Barenbrug Australia

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Italian Ryegrass
  • Tetraploid Italian ryegrass
  • High forage yield - even better than Aston
  • Great all-season performance
  • Fast establishment and great winter yield


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Italian Ryegrass
  • Late-heading diploid Italian ryegrass
  • Rapid establishment with good winter growth
  • Superior total yield. Tempo has topped 9 out of 17 diploid Italian trials for total yield
  • Good 2nd year yield under favourable conditions
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Italian Ryegrass
  • High overall yield regardless of seasonal or regional variations
  • Consistently even seasonal growth pattern, offering reliable feed through the growing season
  • Highly suitable for over-sowing
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Italian Ryegrass
  • Italian diploid ryegrass
  • Developed in Australia
  • Fast establishment with excellent winter - early spring yield


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