Italian Ryegrass


  • High overall yield regardless of seasonal or regional variations
  • Very fast establishment
  • Consistently even seasonal growth pattern
  • Intermediate growth habit with a reasonably open sward


    Download a copy of the Aston Ryegrass factsheet.


    Aston is a high yielding tetraploid Italian ryegrass which has strong performance across a multitude of environments and years. In the 24 Australian trials in which Aston has been included it has scored in the top 3 commercial varieties for total yield in 22 (92%) of these. Its fast establishment results in good early feed production from an autumn sowing, which also makes it particularly useful for oversowing or mulch planting. Aston will produce plentiful feed for multiple grazings through late autumn, winter and early spring and its late season quality will be of benefit for the production of valuable silage or hay cuts into late spring and early summer. Feed quality is very good with high ME and low NDF. 


    The open sward and intermediate growth habit make Aston ideally suited to planting in combination with annual ryegrasses and or annual clovers. Aston is a tetraploid of the variety Tabu. Tabu has been the lead Italian ryegrass on the New Zealand market for approximately 10 years.



    Strong performance across a multitude of environments and years. Fast establishment and high early yield: Aston has very fast emergence and has consistently shown high first cut yields in trials. This fast production will result in a shorter time to first grazing and therefore a faster return on investment. It will also provide strong competition for weeds. 


    Late Season Quality

    Excellent late season quality and low aftermath heading. Aston maintains very good feed quality into late spring due to high overall feed quality and very low aftermath heading. In particular Aston has a low NDF level which allows a higher feed intake as a result stock can consume more energy which will drive up milk or meat production. Even Seasonal yield - Aston has strong growth through all seasons.



    Aston has been evaluated in Australia and New Zealand since 2006 and has consistently shown strong results in numerous trials in both countries over the past 5 years. Out of 24 Australian trials conducted from Gatton in Southern Queensland, through New South Wales and Victoria, Aston had the highest yieldof all commercially available Italian ryegrasses in 8 trials and was in the top 3 varieties for total yield in 92% of trials (22 trials). This is an outstanding result and strong evidence of the reliability of the variety across environments and years.

    Italian Ryegrass

    Sow for highly productive short term pastures in areas with mild summers or where late season rains result in pasture growth into late spring and early summer. They are also well suited to over-sowing into run down pastures and may be sown in spring where summer moisture is reliable.