Italian Ryegrass

  • Italian diploid ryegrass
  • Developed in Australia
  • Fast establishment with excellent winter - early spring yield
  • Up to 10% higher yields than other Italian ryegrasses
  • Upright variety that continues to produce high quality, leafy feed through spring
  • Holds leaves off the ground even as yield builds
  • Suitable to oversow

    Hulk is a high yielding diploid Italian ryegrass developed for Australian conditions, with excellent establishment, winter and spring yields and good late season quality.




    Hulk combines excellent winter yields with strong spring growth giving more even feed supply throughout the growing season. Hulk responds well to early autumn rains where mild summers allow persistence into the second year.


    Hulk has also displayed excellent feed quality in trials and is late flowering giving excellent late season quality. Hulk has an upright growth habit meaning it will continue to stand up as yield builds during spring, making fodder conservation easier.



    The average yield advantage of Hulk over Tetila in the below trials was 13%. As Hulk may cost extra up front, it is tempting to think that the cheaper option will do. This decision could easily be costing you hundreds of dollars per hectare. Rather than looking at the cost of the seed, it is the potential return from the investment in seed that should drive your decision. 


    Hulk is suitable as a winter crop, a 2 - 3 year pasture in areas with mild summers, or for overersowing into run down pasture to boost winter - spring growth.


    Yield Data


    Italian Ryegrass

    Sow for highly productive short term pastures in areas with mild summers or where late season rains result in pasture growth into late spring and early summer. They are also well suited to over-sowing into run down pastures and may be sown in spring where summer moisture is reliable.