Tropical grass varieties available from Barenbrug Australia

Barenbrug’s range of Rhodes grass and Panic grass varieties are well respected in northern Australia, along with buffel grass. These grasses are used extensively in custom and pre-made mixes providing tolerance to drought and heat. More resilient to heavier grazing, Barenbrug grasses maintain their quality, yield and palatability for a longer period of time.

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Endura Rhodes Grass

Chloris gayana
  • Significantly later flowering than Tolgar Rhodes®
  • Greater synchronisation and uniformity of flowering over similar varieties
  • Later flowering than Katambora Rhodes and synthetic Rhodes grasses
  • Higher leaf to stem ratio and finer stem compared to Tolgar Rhodes®
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Mariner Rhodes Grass

Chloris gayana
  • Later flowering than Samford or Callide
  • Higher leaf to stem ratio compared to Samford or Callide
  • Highly suited to both grazing and hay making
  • Highly palatable
  • Unrivalled persistences
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Tolgar Rhodes Grass

Chloris gayana
  • Later flowering than Katambora Rhodes grass types
  • Higher leaf to stem ratio compared to traditional Rhodes grass varieties
  • Finer stem compared to Katambora Rhodes grass
  • Suited to grazing, hay cutting, reclamation and soil conservation activities
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Panic Grass
  • Very leafy with high tiller density with fine, soft, pliable leaves
  • Responds rapidly to rainfall
  • Highly palatable and well eaten by both sheep and cattle
  • Excellent persistence under extended dry conditions
  • Cold tolerance – longer growing season into autumn
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Panic Grass
  • High quality feed
  • Unrivalled persistence
  • Excellent production potential
  • Highly palatable
  • Suited to grazing and cutting
  • Adaptable to variable rainfall environments
  • Early season growth
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Buffel Grass
  • Plant hybrid performance
  • Higher forage yield than Gayndah and USA Buffel
  • Greater persistence over commercially available buffel varieties
  • Handles a wide range of soil types
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Hybrid Brachiaria

Brachiaria decumbens x ruziziensis x brizantha
  • Suitable for environments generally considered outside the normal adaptation range for many Brachiaria species
  • Well adapted to acid soils and tolerates high aluminium (Al) levels
  • Tolerant of short-term flooding
  • Strong persistence, even under seasonally dry conditions
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