Tropical legume varieties available from Barenbrug Australia

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Sustain LS®

Dolichos Lab Lab
  • Proprietary “Rongai” type Dolichos Lab Lab
  • Similar maturity to Rongai
  • More prostrate growth
  • High leaf density
  • Small seed size, more seeds per kilogram
  • Ideal for combination crops or straight stand
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Ray Desmanthus

  • Highly palatable, non-toxic tropical legume (no mimosine)
  • Ideally suited to and highly productive in heavy clay soils
  • Excellent persistence — robust, woody base and protected main growing crown
  • Drought tolerant — deep tap rooted perennial able to access moisture


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Garnet Burgundy Bean

Burgundy bean
  • A hardy, non-bloating summer legume
  • Later maturing - selected for longer growing season environments
  • Greater autumn growth and cool season stay-green than previous varieties
  • Addresses soil fertility decline in cropping soils
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Presto Burgundy Bean

Burgundy bean
  • A hardy, non-bloating tropical legume
  • Earlier maturing variety selected for shorter growing season environments
  • Highly palatable – live weight gain of up to 1.0Kg/head/day
  • Larger seed size aids in rapid establishment and improved persistence


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Mega Stylo Blend

High protein legume mix
  • High protein legume mix ideal for northern Australian conditions
  • Balanced combination of Caribbean and Shrubby stylo species
  • Environmental adaptability and disease resistance advantages


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Amiga Stylo

Verano type stylo
  • Highly palatable and persistent Verano type stylo
  • Suited to cooler more arid regions of the tropics
  • Easy to establish
  • Produces an abundance of seed


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Siran Stylo

Seca type stylo
  • An erect shrubby perennial that can grow up to 2m tall
  • Exhibits greater anthracnose tolerance than Seca
  • Widely adapted and can persist under heavy grazing


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