Tropical legume varieties available from Barenbrug Australia

Legumes with their high protein content are an excellent source of nutrition for stock. Many legumes have deep taproots, accessing moisture and nutrients deep in the soil profile. Planted with companion grasses in a mix in good summer conditions, legumes can provide additional live weight gain in cattle. For soil health, legumes form a symbiotic relationship with rhizobia in grasses to improve atmospheric nitrogen fixing in the soil, potentially increasing the yield, seasonal growth and quality.


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Sustain LS®

Dolichos Lab Lab
  • Proprietary “Rongai” type Dolichos Lab Lab
  • Similar maturity to Rongai
  • More prostrate growth
  • High leaf density
  • Small seed size, more seeds per kilogram
  • Ideal for combination crops or straight stand
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Ray Desmanthus

  • Highly palatable, non-toxic tropical legume (no mimosine)
  • Ideally suited to and highly productive in heavy clay soils
  • Excellent persistence — robust, woody base and protected main growing crown
  • Drought tolerant — deep tap rooted perennial able to access moisture


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Garnet Burgundy Bean

Burgundy bean
  • A hardy, non-bloating summer legume
  • Later maturing - selected for longer growing season environments
  • Greater autumn growth and cool season stay-green than previous varieties
  • Addresses soil fertility decline in cropping soils
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Presto Burgundy Bean

Burgundy bean
  • A hardy, non-bloating tropical legume
  • Earlier maturing variety selected for shorter growing season environments
  • Highly palatable – live weight gain of up to 1.0Kg/head/day
  • Larger seed size aids in rapid establishment and improved persistence


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Mega Stylo Blend

High protein legume mix
  • High protein legume mix ideal for northern Australian conditions
  • Balanced combination of Caribbean and Shrubby stylo species
  • Environmental adaptability and disease resistance advantages


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Amiga Stylo

Verano type stylo
  • Highly palatable and persistent Verano type stylo
  • Suited to cooler more arid regions of the tropics
  • Easy to establish
  • Produces an abundance of seed


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Siran Stylo

Seca type stylo
  • An erect shrubby perennial that can grow up to 2m tall
  • Exhibits greater anthracnose tolerance than Seca
  • Widely adapted and can persist under heavy grazing


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