Tropical pasture mixes available from Barenbrug Australia

Choose the right species for the right situation.


When deciding on the components of a tropical custom mix, it is important to consider the needs of your farm and the outcomes you wish to achieve.


The area of adaptability of each species of grass and legume will be essential to successful establishment and long-term establishment. Choose a species that suits your soil, environmental factors and the type of grazing and livestock you wish to run.


Hear from our Far North Queensland Territory Manager, Greg Forsyth on how to choose the right custom mix for your farm.


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Find out more about our tropical grasses and tropical legumes.

Acid Soils Mix

Acidic soil conditions
  • Very hardy mix of grasses
  • Early winter stay green ability
  • Supported by a blend of winter annual legumes 
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Allgrass Mixes

Four different grass mixes
  • Formulated for various soil types
  • Can be sown alone
  • Fixes problem with summer broad leaf weeds 
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Big Beef Blend

Winter feed
  • Suited to the heavier black, self-mulching and grey-cracking flood plain soil types
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Very productive mix for finishing cattle in summer
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Equimaster Premium Horse Blend

For the horse enthusiast
  • Specialist pature mix for horses
  • Ensures safety to the animal
  • Low in oxalate
  • Handles grazing pressure
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Floodplain Heavy Soil Mix

Northern NSW
  • Suited to the heavier, black self mulching and grey cracking floodplain country of northern NSW
  • Increases persistence and ground cover 
  • Productive mix for finishing cattle or building a large volume of stand-over feed 
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Light Soil Mix

Northern NSW
  • High productivity
  • High persistence
  • Late season stay-green


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North Western Mix

Extensive grazing systems
  • An excellent option for graziers looking to add improved pasture species and tropical legumes into their existing native grass stands
  • Also great if looking to renovate new or existing ground with persistent, perennial improved pasture species
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Premium Coastal Mix

Coastal beef regions
  • Well suited to sub-tropical regions
  • Consists of hardy and palatable coastal grasses
  • Good percentage of tropical legume to even out production
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Prime Pasture Mix

Ideal for heavier black, self-mulching soil types
  • Suited to the heavier black, self mulching and grey cracking flood plain soil types
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Productive mix for finishing cattle 
  • Good standover feed for the winter months
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Slopes & Plains Mix

Northern NSW
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased persistence
  • Increased ground cover in very wet or dry seasons
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Western Heavy Soil Mix

Developed for brigalow country
  • Suited to heavy brigalow melon hole country or high clay content brigalow country
  • Handles the water logging of the melon holes
  • Creates high protein as well as being tap root which will create and return nitrogen to the soil
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Western Light Soil Mix

Western Queensland
  • Blend of USA buffel for lighter country and Gayndah buffel for the red/grey loams
  • Enables protein levels to be maintained in the dry winter
  • Covers most lighter soils encounted in the western Queensland area in the 350-450 mm rainfall category
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