Tropical pasture mixes available from Barenbrug Australia

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Acid Soils Mix

Acidic soil conditions
  • Very hardy mix of grasses
  • Early winter stay green ability
  • Supported by a blend of winter annual legumes 
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Allgrass Mixes

Four different grass mixes
  • Formulated for various soil types
  • Can be sown alone
  • Fixes problem with summer broad leaf weeds 
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Big Beef Blend

Winter feed
  • Suited to the heavier black, self-mulching and grey-cracking flood plain soil types
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Very productive mix for finishing cattle in summer
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Equimaster Premium Horse Blend

For the horse enthusiast
  • Specialist pature mix for horses
  • Ensures safety to the animal
  • Low in oxalate
  • Handles grazing pressure
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Floodplain Heavy Soil Mix

Northern NSW
  • Suited to the heavier, black self mulching and grey cracking floodplain country of northern NSW
  • Increases persistence and ground cover 
  • Productive mix for finishing cattle or building a large volume of stand-over feed 
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Light Soil Mix

Northern NSW
  • High productivity
  • High persistence
  • Late season stay-green


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North Western Mix

Extensive grazing systems
  • An excellent option for graziers looking to add improved pasture species and tropical legumes into their existing native grass stands
  • Also great if looking to renovate new or existing ground with persistent, perennial improved pasture species
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Premium Coastal Mix

Coastal beef regions
  • Well suited to sub-tropical regions
  • Consists of hardy and palatable coastal grasses
  • Good percentage of tropical legume to even out production
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Prime Pasture Mix

Ideal for heavier black, self-mulching soil types
  • Suited to the heavier black, self mulching and grey cracking flood plain soil types
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Productive mix for finishing cattle 
  • Good standover feed for the winter months
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Slopes & Plains Mix

Northern NSW
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased persistence
  • Increased ground cover in very wet or dry seasons
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Western Heavy Soil Mix

Developed for brigalow country
  • Suited to heavy brigalow melon hole country or high clay content brigalow country
  • Handles the water logging of the melon holes
  • Creates high protein as well as being tap root which will create and return nitrogen to the soil
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Western Light Soil Mix

Western Queensland
  • Blend of USA buffel for lighter country and Gayndah buffel for the red/grey loams
  • Enables protein levels to be maintained in the dry winter
  • Covers most lighter soils encounted in the western Queensland area in the 350-450 mm rainfall category
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