Green Panic

Panicum maximum

  • Broader and darker green leaf
  • More robust root system
  • Ability to grow longer into the season


    Green Panic is one of the most palatable tropical species. It is better suited to higher rainfall regions and fertile well drained soils, but needs to be managed well.


    Gatton Panic is  very palatable and is regarded as being more vigorous, drought tolerant and tougher than green panic. Suited to sub-tropical areas with fertile, well-drained soils, it also has good shade tolerance. It is similar to Green Panic except it has broader greener leaves.


    Species Origin



    Plant Characteristics

    Growth habit roots readily at nodes and can remain green for longer period into the growing season. The Plant is persistent and re-establishes quickly after trampling or long dry periods due to its robust root system.

    Uses when grown for grazing, it combines well with legumes and appears relatively tolerant to shading.

    Adaptation performs best in hot and humid conditions. However, it is susceptible to waterlogging and flooded conditions. It is recommended for frost – free areas with 750 mm – 1750mm rainfall.


    Seed Characteristics

    Seeds are very small and fine - up to 1.5million seeds/kg. Shallow seeding is recommended for better establishment. Dormancy can be a problem, affecting germination and establishment.

    Establishment – due to its small seeds, it requires shallow seeding and can prove to be slower to establish.


    Recommended Seeding Rate

    Bare seed at 2-6kg/ha
    Coated seed at 3.12kg/ha

    Tropical Grasses

    Tropically adapted grasses come in a wide range of species adapted to varying conditions. Many summer crops grown today are annual tropical grasses. Perennial tropical grasses offer the same benefits in terms of growth response to moisture & temperature and dry matter production.