Mega Stylo Blend

High protein legume mix

  • High protein legume mix ideal for northern Australian conditions
  • Balanced combination of Caribbean and Shrubby stylo species
  • Environmental adaptability and disease resistance advantages

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    Stylos are high protein legumes that persist and spread under most northern Australian conditions. eritage Seeds’ Mega Stylo Mix provides a balanced combination of Caribbean and Shrubby stylo species that contain a variety of disease and environmental adaptability advantages. Using a stylo mix such as the Barenbrug’ Mega Stylo Mix ensures that you have the right type of stylo in your improved tropical pasture to perform and persist for the long term under the environmental situation that you throw at it.


    Variety Species %
    Amiga Caribbean 20
    Seca Shrubby 40
    Siran Shrubby 40


    Amiga stylo

    Amiga is a newer cultivar selected to extend the area of adaption of Caribbean stylo into harsher (drier) and cooler (higher altitude) environments. A highly palatable and persistent Verano type stylo, Amiga has greater resistance to anthracnose over Verano, combined with being selected for better tolerance to lower temperatures and higher altitude environments. It demonstrates greater tolerance to drier conditions and persists longer for a short lived perennial. Amiga is easy to establish and produces an abundance of seed.


    Seca stylo

    Seca was released for the lower altitudes, being very late flowering. Some lines of Seca appear to have shifted in type and flowering habits, flowering any time there is moisture or warmth; flowers are often seen on plants in spring in sub-tropical areas. Commercial Seca seed produces a plant that is very late flowering and much leafier than the original stemmy release. Seca has field resistance to the common types of anthracnose from a single source of gene resistance.


    Siran stylo

    Siran is a shrubby type stylo that shows greater tolerance to anthracnose than Seca and can adapt to a wider variety of conditions. Siran was bred with four sources of resistance to anthracnose. Siran should be included in any stylo plantings to provide insurance against devastation from anthracnose attack.



    Barenbrug’ Mega Stylo Mix comes with our market leading coating technology AgriCote, built in as a seed treatment and protectant to ensure the best chances of establishment success.


    Tropical Legumes

    Unlike tropical grasses, Tropical legumes are often more digestible, have higher protein & energy. Whilst monocultures of tropical legumes can be grown, often they are used in conjunction with tropical grasses to improve the overall quality of tropical pasture systems.