Meatmaster Acid Soils Mix

Premier digit, Consol love grass & Sabi grass


  • Very hardy mix of grasses with early winter stay green ability
  • Supported by a blend of winter annual legumes bred to perform in hard, acid soil situations
  • Provides an excellent summer legume option where lucerne will not go.



    Specifically developed for soils with a lower pH and those that present challenges establishing improved pastures in acid soil conditions. The productivity and adaptability of Premier digit grass to acid soils, combined with the persistence of Consul love grass provides a wider feed window in challenging conditions. The addition of Sabi grass provides vigorous establishment, plus Presto burgundy bean and Wynn cassia complement the mix, enabling protein levels to be maintained.


    Variety Species %
    Premier Digit grass 40
    Consul Love grass 15
    Sabi Grass Urochloa 30
    Presto Burgundy bean 10
    Wynn Cassia 5
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