Meatmaster Big Beef Blend

Very productive mix


  • Suited to the heavier black, self-mulching and grey-cracking flood plain soil types
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Very productive mix for finishing cattle in summer whilst building a large volume of good stand over feed for the winter months


    Developed for medium black to red chocolate soils. The productivity of Tolgar Rhodes™ and Megamax™059 is enhanced by creeping bluegrass, with its stoloniferous growth pattern allowing good ground cover and moisture holding capacity. The mix of both winter and summer active legumes enables the feed gap to be filled over winter.


    Variety Species %
    Tolgar RhodesTM Rhodes grass 30
    MegamaxTM059 Panic grass 25
    Bisset/Hatch Bluegrass 15
    SARDI-Grazer Lucerne 20
    Presto/Garnet Burgundy Bean 10
    Tropical Mixes

    If you’re thinking about renovating or improving your pasture this season, it’s worth considering a tropical blend or a custom mix. At Barenbrug we have a number of high performance tropical grass mixes and legume blends offering multiple benefits to graziers.