Meatmaster Prime Pasture Mix

Ideal for heavier black, self-mulching soil types


  • Suited to the heavier black, self mulching and grey cracking flood plain soil types
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Productive mix for finishing cattle in summer whilst building a large volume of good stand over feed for the winter months




    This mix is suited to the heavier black, self-mulching and grey-cracking flood plain soil types. The productivity of Tolgar Rhodes™, Bambatsii and Megamax™059 is enhanced by the adaptation to the soil type. The late season of the grasses is complemented by a legume component to keep protein in the pasture and nitrogen cycling. This is a very productive mix for finishing cattle in summer, whilst building a large volume of good standover feed for the winter months.


    Variety Species %
    Tolgar RhodesTM Rhodes grass 30
    MegamaxTM059 Panic grass 20
    Bambatsii Panic grass 20
    SARDI-Grazer Lucerne 10
    Medic mix Medic 10


    Burgundy bean 10
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