Meatmaster Slopes & Plains Mix

Northern NSW


  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased persistence
  • Increased ground cover in very wet or dry seasons


    Developed for the medium black to red, chocolate soils of New South Wales slopes and plains. Bambatsii and MegamaxTM059 panic grass combine for soft, leafy, productivity on the heavier soils, with Premier digit grass and Tolgar RhodesTM grass performing and persisting on the lighter rises. The addition of Presto burgundy bean as a legume component helps to provide nitrogen to companion grasses and improve feed quality of the pature.


    Variety Species %
    TolgarTM Rhodes grass 15
    Premier Digit grass 30
    Bambatsii Panic grass 20
    MegamaxTM059 Panic grass 25
    Presto Burgundy bean 10
    Tropical Mixes

    If you’re thinking about renovating or improving your pasture this season, it’s worth considering a tropical blend or a custom mix. At Barenbrug we have a number of high performance tropical grass mixes and legume blends offering multiple benefits to graziers.