Meatmaster Western Heavy Soil Mix

Developed for medium to heavy textured soils


  • Suited to heavy brigalow melon hole country or high clay content brigalow country
  • Handles the water logging of the melon holes
  • Creates high protein as well as being tap root which will create and return nitrogen to the soil



    Developed for medium to heavy textured clay soils such as brigalow clays, open downs and heavier alluvial soils. This mix contains species that are tolerant of sodic and alkaline soil conditions commonly found in heavy soil types. The productivity of Tolgar Rhodes™ combined with the production output from Biloela and Bambatsii adaptation abilities to soil type, help further bolster this tropical mix. Addition of two tropical legumes suitable for heavier soils helps to supply companion grasses with nitrogen and improve the feed quality of the improved pasture.


    Variety Species %
    Bambatsii Panic grass 25
    Tolgar RhodesTM Rhodes grass 25
    Biloela Buffel grass 25
    Presto Burgundy bean 15
    Ray DesmanthusTM Desmanthus 10
    Tropical Mixes

    If you’re thinking about renovating or improving your pasture this season, it’s worth considering a tropical blend or a custom mix. At Barenbrug we have a number of high performance tropical grass mixes and legume blends offering multiple benefits to graziers.