New season temperate harvest underway



Seed has started to come off production paddocks as the Southern seed harvest begins. Meanwhile the Northern team are in the final stage of contracting our Tropical requirements.


  • Temperate harvest of balansa (Vista), forage barley (Dictator II) and forage oats (Wizard, Warlock, Genie and Express) has been completed. Cleaning and processing is nearing completion with the majority of products now coming off test.
  • Harvest of early maturing ryegrass, Persian clovers, and phalaris (Holdfast GT and Advanced AT) has also been completed and cleaning is currently underway.
  • We are continuing to work closely with cleaning sheds to ensure that key products are being cleaned as a priority.
  • Subclover harvest has now begun and is slightly earlier (2 weeks) than previous years.
  • The tropical production and procurement plan has been completed for FY20 and the northern production team are actively working to secure production contracts to meet the increased demand.