Production Update

With the new season temperate harvest nearing completion (except for Lucerne), cleaning sheds and seed testing laboratories are operating at full capacity to prioritise our production seed.


Key product updates


  • Holdfast GT - 90% of seed has been cleaned and is coming off test. Strong yields has seen harvest tracking to forecast.
  • Sub Clover – Harvesting conditions for sub clovers has been favourable and early seed is starting to be cleaned and received on Pronto.
  • Annual clovers – We are experiencing high clean out percentages, which is impacting on the quality of some lines. Total estimates are back on forecast.
  • Lucerne - Some dryland Lucerne crops have been harvested and delivered to cleaning sheds. The main harvest will start late February into early March.
  • Tropicals – The recent weather event in Far North Queensland has had limited impact on production crops, with only two paddocks damaged due to flooding. All other production crops have fared well, despite the weather.
  • Tropical contracting - 90% of tropical contracting has now been completed, with the final plantings being sown now as the ground dries out.