Barenbrug International Sales Update December 2017

By Colin Grant

Buyer activity has, in the main, been somewhat subdued over the past few months. This has been due to a combination of being sold out of different products but also to a successful harvests of various products overseas.  We have seen the biggest effects on Annual Clover and Vetch products regarding this matter.

The current alfalfa mark

et is soft and longer term outlook across all dormancy levels are unlikely to change. Lower dormant products are in oversupply due to excellent harvests in Europe and North America and oversupply in highly winter active types is more related to the adjustment of buying patterns from Saudi Arabia as water restrictions start to take more of a hold.

We are still waiting for our White Clover harvest to begin and expect that overage tonnage will be about the same as past years. Plenty of cheap seed from USA has been flowing to China and this is having an impact on overall prices in the market so the next 3-4 months will certainly be interesting

As always we look forward to hearing from you and look forward to speaking with you again after the festive season. Have a great Christmas.