Barenbrug International Update - April 2020

By Colin Grant

The 2019/20 harvest is now almost complete with Sub-Clover and Alfalfa being the last major crops being harvested. Overall yields across most species have been around average but White Clover experienced a very poor harvest and as such is already sold out.

The ongoing strong demand for red meat, wool and hay continues to drive domestic demand meaning many pasture products have either been sold out or are in very tight supply.  Perennial grasses and Sub-Clovers are extremely short this season and while we have some stocks, we expect these to be exhausted soon. Supply of Arrowleaf, Balansa and Persian clover is ok at this stage. We have supplies of Woolly Pod Vetch (RM4) but we are seeing strong demand for this product in both international and domestic markets.

The Alfalfa harvest is well underway and so far, yields have been good. However, overall new crop is going to be like last season with total crop Australian crop estimates of 4000-4500mt. A combination of soft seed prices and high domestic hay prices made many producers switch production systems for the short term.

Key markets such as the Middle east are starting to show interest for new crop and South Africa has been buying good quantities. Argentina remains sluggish, but inventory positions are clearing slowly. In short, we are seeing more signs of recovery for the Alfalfa market but there is still a way to go as Government restrictions due to COVID-19 and currency fluctuations are impacting.

Rhodes grass demand has been steady over the past months and we are expected to maintain supplies of product for the market through our PremiumCote and Agricote products. Demand can increase significantly so we encourage you to keep in close contact with your sales representative regarding future requirements so as we can plan and treat your seed for timely arrival of product.

We are by now aware of COVID-19 and the impacts its having globally on businesses and families. This is creating many challenges for everyone. We are taking measures of self-isolation in accordance with the Australian Government recommendations, but we are still working from home to ensuring that we can do all we can to get goods out to you in the best way possible. This may mean some delays, but we are doing all we can.

Finally, I wish you and your families well during this period.

As always look forward to hearing from you should you have any enquiries.