Export Operations April 2017

By Mel Parish

Shipping has really kicked in now for 2017. We are working with the cleaning sheds and packers to get seed cleaned, on test and shipped as soon as we can.  Due to the weather patterns over the last few months we have the added issue of the Grain and other agricultural exporters still sending shipments from Australia due to delayed harvests.  Space has been extremely difficult to secure on vessels and quality containers for seed has been just as impossible to source. It has been difficult but due to a lot of forward planning we have managed to confirm bookings to meet our requirements to get shipments out. 


This is probably the worst it has been in Australia and hope to see the situation calm down over the next month or so. With so many shipping lines buying into each other we believe there may be increases in shipping rates in the 3rd and 4th quarters but this is yet to be seen and we will be keeping an eye on how it pans out.  

At the end of 2016 the shipping department took a few days out of the office to visit our cleaning and packing sheds in the South East of South Australia in the Bordertown/Frances area. 


As always please keep us up to date with any changes to your country requirements.


For any queries regarding shipping please contact:

Mel Parish (International Operations): mparish@heritageseeds.com.au

Sandy Makins (International Operations): smakins@heritageseeds.com.au

Tracy Smith (Export Documentation): tsmith@heritageseeds.com.au