Export Operations October 2016

By Mel Parish

The last 3 months have been extremely busy for shipping.  We’ve enjoyed a few of our biggest months shipping to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, USA, Argentina, Pacific Islands, New, Zealand, Asia, South Africa plus others.


No issues with space on vessel’s or container availability ex Adelaide/Melbourne at the moment.  Shipping rates are a steady low especially with the current Hanjin situation which we are monitoring and doing our best to avoid any issues. Packing and processing sheds are also not as busy at the moment.


Shipping will slow down over the next few months so we will use this time to catch up on our department ‘house keeping’.  It’s a great chance to review and update customer files, country requirements etc.  It’s always a challenge trying to keep up to date with customs regulations in each country, any information provided to us regarding your countires requirements or current weed lists is always helpful.  Customers Tax/ID numbers are now a requirement for the shipping lines and to be stated on the Bill of Lading, if this could be provided to us at time of confirmation we can update our client information.


A few of our staff took the time to pay a visit to one of the ISTA labs and learning about the process of having our seed certified and seeing the laboratory staff in action.  It was a great experience to see and understand how it happens. We tested our own skills of identifying seeds but in the end thought best to keep to shipping the seed!


For any queries regarding shipping please contact:

Mel Parish (International Operations): mparish@heritageseeds.com.au

Sandy Makins (International Operations): smakins@heritageseeds.com.au

Tracy Smith (Export Documentation): tsmith@heritageseeds.com.au