Heritage International Production Update - May 2019

By Daryl Turner


Temperate Seed Production

Extremely dry summer conditions were experienced throughout Southern Australia during the recently completed harvest. This provided ideal conditions for a condensed harvest and contributed to delivery of good quality seed. However, we did experience some yield reductions of later maturing species of Persian and Sub Clovers due to the effects of the drought.


The 2019 alfalfa harvest has been completed with strong yields reported across the production region. Stable weather conditions during flowering enabled an excellent pollination and seed set, while very low numbers of Lucerne Seed Wasp resulted in minimal losses during seed cleaning.


Tropical Seed Production

The majority of our tropical production is located in Far North Queensland. This region has experienced a return to average weather conditions with the presence of a number of tropical cyclones since January and has had a positive impact on seed production crops such as Rhodes Grass and Signal Grass. Harvest for both these species is in full swing, and we are receiving high quality seed into our cleaning sheds with above average yields.


Supply from this region is looking strong especially from the increased production of our proprietary varieties of Mariner and Endura.


Most tropical legume crops are progressing well and are on track for average yields. A number of Cowpea crops have failed due to adverse weather and this will ultimately have an impact on supply. Cowpea harvest is due to start late June, while Lab Labs are on track for good supply with harvest to start in September.