Seedmark International Sales Update October 2016

By Colin Grant

As a small seed industry Australia had a significant production shortfall combined with low carry stocks and strong demand for seeds from traditional buyers around the globe. This lead to extremely high prices and meant a quick sell out position for major products of both public and private species that included Annual clovers and Sub-Clover, Medics, Vetch and Alfalfa. As a result sales over the past few months have been slow due to a lack of supply, however, with good winter and spring rainfall we are somewhat hopeful that we can get an “average” harvest at the for the 2017 season and even build a small carry position but there is a long way to go.


Early indications from our buyers are very encouraging for demand of all of varieties remains strong with some limited forward sales taking place. I strongly encourage all of our customers to advise us as early as possible upcoming needs as we expect several key species to again but under some level of supply pressure.


We again will be attending the ESA conference in Rome this year and look forward to talking to our clients regarding quantities and needs for the coming season.