Brachycalycinum Clover
  • Mid-Late season maturity - 134 days to flowering (Perth)
  • Antas is one of the highest dry matter producing Sub clovers available
  • Antas has extremely strong growth through Autumn & Winter
  • The Mid–Late maturity of Antas ensures high production through the season
  • Widely adapted including acid to alkaline soils
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Subterraneum Clover
  • Mid season maturity - 123 days to flowering (Perth)
  • Superior winter vigour, higher production and disease tolerance over Woogenellup
  • Has a better ability to utilise background rhizobium than all other subs


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Subterraneum Clover
  • Late season maturity – 144 days to flowering (Perth)
  • Replacement for Karridale and Mount Barker
  • Greater full season dry matter production


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Subterraneum Clover
  • Early season maturity - 97 days to flowering (Perth)
  • More productive replacement for Dalkeith and Daliak
  • Improved early vigour, very leafy variety forming a dense erect sward


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Brachycalycinum Clover
  • Improved forage yield over other early-maturity  subs
  • Excellent long term persistence for lower rainfall  environments
  • 43% hard seed levels and good seed burial
  • Early maturity sub clover, approx. 88 days to  flowering (SA)


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Brachycalycinum Clover
  • Mid season maturity – 114 days to flowering (SA)
  • Sets a new standard in mid maturity Sub production
  • Very vigorous establishment and regrowth through Autumn and Winter


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Yanninicum Clover
  • Early-mid maturity (110 days), suitable for all areas using Trikkala
  • Has better tolerance to phytophthora root rot and clover scorch disease than Trikkala
  • Well suited to areas receiving an annual rainfall of 450−650 mm and prone to waterlogging
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