Woolly Pod Vetch
  • Best early vigour of all lines in SARDI research trials
  • Long term average dry matter yield 109% of Capello
  • Early maturity, it can be cut for hay 10−15 days earlier than Capello
  • Highly efficient nitrogen fixation
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Ebony PR Cowpea

Vigna unguiculata
  • High seed yields
  • High nutritive value and paltability
  • Easy to establish


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Forage Oat
  • Complete resistance to all Australian pathotypes of leaf rust
  • Semi erect growth habit – early growth prior to initial grazing
  • Large seed size


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New true forage oat
  • True forage oat
  • Exceptional early vigour
  • High winter and good overall yield


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Forage chicory
  • Performs all year round including winter
  • Fast establishment and regrowth after grazing
  • High quality winter active forage chicory with a leafy and erect growth habit


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Dictator 2

New awnless true forage barley
  • Extremely vigorous growth
  • Early feed
  • Extended planting window


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Crackerjack 2

High performance mid/late forage type triticale
  • Impressive spring bulk up for very high silage yield potential
  • Stripe rust resistance
  • High growth in autumn-early winter


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