Forage chicory

  • Performs all year round including winter
  • Fast establishment and regrowth after grazing
  • High quality winter active forage chicory with a leafy and erect growth habit
  • Responds to summer rain
  • Low crown gives good production over 2–5 years
  • Alternative to lucerne in problem soils
  • Sown at 5-6kg/ha with legumes and 1-2kg/ha as part of a pasture mix
    Download a copy of the Commander Chicory factsheet.


    Commander is a winter active forage chicory that provides excellent year round growth. It has a low crown giving good grazing tolerance plus a leafy and erect growth habit making grazing easier for livestock. Commander establishes quickly and benefits from good disease resistance. Chicory has excellent feed quality and is highly palatable to stock giving excellent stock performance. Commander also has an erect growth habit giving easier grazing and improved utilisation. Commander has excellent root rot resistence making it highly tolerant of winter grazing and giving it very good persistence for a winter active variety. Commander will persist for 2 - 5 years or more if managed correctly.


    Seasonal Growth:

    As Commander combines high winter activity with excellent year round growth, it has a more even growth curve providing good feed year round.



    Sowing Rate:

    Commander should be sown at 5 - 6 kg/ha with legumes as a specialist pasture or 1 - 2 kg/ha as part of a mixed pasture.


    Forage Cereals & Herbs

    Oats, wheat, barley or triticale, have the potential to be an integral part of providing year round feed in a dryland farming system. They provide feed to overcome autumn & winter forage shortages, allow the making of whole crop cereal silage & provide the dual options of grazing & grain production.