New true forage oat

  • True forage oat
  • Exceptional early vigour
  • High winter and good overall yield
  • High quality, leafy feed
  • Excellent BYDV tolerance
  • Suitable for grazing, silage and hay.
    Download a copy of the Mammoth Forage Oat factsheet.


    Mammoth is a new true forage oat with excellent establishment vigour.  It was identified in 2007 from the Barenbrug' program that specifically targeted high forage yield and quality for southern Australia.  In particular, the program looked at early establishment vigour and winter yield to select Mammoth.  Mammoth has shown excellent autumn and winter performance, and good overall yield in multiple locations over a number of years.


    Mammoth yield as a percentage (%) of trial mean:







    Mammoth oats are particularly suited as a winter crop in temperate pastoral zones where cool season performance under grazing is required.  Mammoth may be sown from late summer to maximise feed on offer through autumn and winter.  Improved BYDV tolerance gives the producer confidence that yield losses due to early aphid infestations are mitigated to a large degree.  Mammoth has been developed to offer speedy, high yielding forage and is very suitable for silage and hay production.  Mammoth oats are a terrific option for over-sowing & direct drilling into under-performing pastures.


    Sowing Rate:

    Forage Cereals & Herbs

    Oats, wheat, barley or triticale, have the potential to be an integral part of providing year round feed in a dryland farming system. They provide feed to overcome autumn & winter forage shortages, allow the making of whole crop cereal silage & provide the dual options of grazing & grain production.