Forage oat

  • Sets new benchmark for yield in Forage Oats, 9% over current market leading varieties Aladdin & Genie, 15% over Drover and Taipan
  • Good early growth similar to Genie and better than Aladdin
  • Excellent recovery from grazing and cutting
  • Resistant to most Australian pathotypes of leaf rust but has been found to be susceptible to a new strain
  • Medium maturity

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Wizard forage oat is a recent release from the leading forage development partnership between The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Barenbrug. Wizard presents a significant improvement in yield over other forage oat varieties currently in the market whilst retaining leaf rust resistance in most situations. Wizard has an erect early growth habit, medium plant height, high tillering and fine leaves and stems. Speed to initial grazing is quick, similar to Genie. With normal planting time (March – April), Wizard has medium plant maturity being 5-7 days earlier to anthesis than Genie. Stem and leaf thickness of Wizard is slightly finer than Genie. It also tends to be higher in tillering and have better recovery from cutting and grazing. Wizard offers growers a complete package of high yield potential, medium / late maturity with excellent recovery in the winter months. Wizard is susceptible to a new pathotype of leaf rust. If this strain is not present, Wizard will appear resistant.


Key features

  • Sets new benchmark for yield in forage oats, 9% over Genie and 15% over Drover and Taipan
  • Good early growth similar to Genie and better than Aladdin
  • Excellent recovery from grazing and cutting
  • Currently resistant to most Australian pathotypes of leaf rust
  • Medium maturity

Key benefits

  • Strong competition against weeds early
  • More feed for longer periods, both early and through winter
  • Bred, trialled and selected in Queensland and northern New South Wales for performance and local adaptation
  • Improved return on investment compared to other varieties
  • Fast to first graze
  • Huge forage yield benefit. More feed all season = greater animal production


Agronomy and management

Wizard is suitable for grazing, hay and silage production in all areas of central and southern Queensland, as well as northern New South Wales. Grazing trials indicate Wizard is readily accepted by cattle, with no apparent differences in palatability or fresh weight intake compared with current forage oat varieties.




Sowing rate

Normal planting time March - April.













Plant Breeders Rights (PBR): This variety is registered under Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) in Australia. Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material is an infringement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act (1994). Any breach of this legislation will leave the grower liable for prosecution.

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