Barrel Medic
  • First barrel medic with tolerance to SU herbicide residues*
  • Early maturing (~ 70-90 days to flowering), similar to Caliph
  • Caliph hybrid with improved regeneration
  • Less hard seeded than Caliph (similar to Jester)
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Subterraneum Clover
  • Improved forage yield over other early-maturity subs
  • Excellent long term persistence for lower rainfall environments
  • Higher levels of 43% hard-seed and good seed burial
  • Early maturity sub-clover, approx. 88 days to flowering
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Subterraneum Clover
  • Flowers 2 days earlier than Trikkala and 8 days earlier than Gosse
  • Produces excellent early winter growth, averaging 46% more than Trikkala during this period
  • Excellent adaptation to the shorter growing seasons experienced over the last decade
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