Panicum coloratum
  • High yielding and palatable perennial grass
  • Distinctive bluish leaves with prominent white mid rib
  • Tolerates saline soils, waterlogging, drought conditions & has some tolerance to frost
  • Also tolerates heavy black clays and melon hole country
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Biloela Buffel Grass

Cenchrus ciliaris
  • Taller
  • Later maturing
  • More suited to heavier soils
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Callide Rhodes Grass

Chloris gayana
  • Tetraploid type
  • Remains leafier over summer
  • Needs higher fertility soils


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Gayndah Buffel Grass

Cenchrus ciliaris
  • Intermediate in maturity (between American and Biloela)
  • Intermediate in plant height (between American and Biloela)
  • Suited to light or medium texture soils


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Green Panic

Panicum maximum
  • Broader and darker green leaf
  • More robust root system
  • Ability to grow longer into the season
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Brachiaria Humidicola
  • Persistent and vigorous growing perennial
  • Low growing perennial with stoloniferous growth habit
  • Widely adapted to tropics and sub-tropics and grows best at 30⁰ - 35⁰c with 1,500mm annual rainfall condition
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Rhodes Grass
  • Diploid
  • Finer leaves and stems
  • Persists under low fertility


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Megamax 049

Panic Grass
  • Very leafy with high tiller density with fine, soft, pliable leaves
  • Responds rapidly to rainfall
  • Significantly higher biomass production than Gatton panic in most WA trials
  • Highly palatable and well eaten by both sheep and cattle
  • Excellent persistence under extended dry conditions (Northern Agricultural Region WA) and over winter (south coast WA)
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Megamax 059

Panic Grass

(Megathyrsus maximus)

  • High quality feed
  • Unrivalled persistence
  • Excellent production potential
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Panicum maximum
  • Tall, stoloniferous, upright growth habit (tussock)
  • Leafy grass very suitable for cut-and-carry, rotationally grazing or set stocking
  • Suitable for all livestock types, including horses
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Mulato II Hybrid Brachiaria

Brachiaria decumbens x ruziziensis x brizantha
  • Suitable for environments generally considered outside the normal adaptation range for many Brachiaria species
  • Available for sales outside the Americas
  • Will tolerate acid soils of high aluminum


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Premier Digit Grass

Digitaria eriantha
  • Highly productive, robust tufted perennial that is palatable and persistent
  • Well adapted to inland environments with low rainfall and winter frosts
  • Good drought, fire and cold tolerance
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Sabi Grass

Urochloa mosambicensis
  • Vigorous growing perennial once established with broad and light greenish leaves
  • Has a tendency to branch and form roots at lower nodes
  • Leaves are short and clustered at the nodes


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Signal Grass

Brachiaria decumbens
  • Persistent and vigorous growing perennial
  • Widely adapted to tropics and sub-tropics
  • Suitable for grazing and erosion control
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Splenda Setaria

Setaria sphacelata
  • Flattened and often reddish-coloured leaf bases
  • Remains persistent once established
  • Very palatable to livestock


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USA Buffel Grass

Cenchrus ciliaris
  • Earlier maturing and shorter than Gayndah or Biloela
  • The heads has light purple coloration and thus distinguishable from these two varieties
  • It is more suited to the light and medium texture soils
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