International Sales

Exported to the world 


As one of Australia's leading seed companies, Barenbrug exports high quality seed to international customers in more than 90 countries around the globe. The Australian continent spans vast latitudes from cool temperate Tasmania to tropical northern Queensland, providing a biodiversity of seeds unavailable from any other country in the world. Experienced Australian seed growers work directly with Barenbrug production staff in order to provide seed of the highest quality standard for our international customer base.


Our seed quality is only half the story; timely shipping, delivery, import-export documentation, variety certification, prompt and personalized service all contribute to our aim of ensuring total customer satisfaction.


Product portfolio 


Barenbrug has the largest private seed and plant research facility in Australia, together with co-operative research and development programs that exist in Australia, and extend around the globe. Our extensive export seed portfolio includes tropical and temperate pasture species, lucerne (alfalfa), turf and amenity seed, specialist grains and forage cereals, legumes for green manure applications, coated seed, seed for environmental repair, mining and heavy earthworks, and reforestation solutions, utilising enhanced seed treatment technology.


Please enquire for any varieties which are not listed as they may be available on demand. 


Read our full Terms & Conditions & please note, any difference between freight costs at time of confirmation and shipment is for buyer's account.