Partners for Pasture

At Barenbrug, we want to be your pasture partner so you can grow with confidence.

This is why we've created 5 NEW videos so you can achieve all your pasture needs this season including advice on:


No matter what type of stock you are running, you need pastures that will deliver. With the right pasture for your situation and the right advice you can achieve quality feed with rapid establishment. This will enable you to keep your options open and concentrate on making every stock unit count and maximise your profits.

Get the best advice on pastures where dry sowing could be an option


Dry sowing can be a successful when conditions are right and the break is looking to be late. A little pre-planning and knowledge is all it takes. 


Read more on dry sowing advice here.

Get the best advice on pastures that can deliver this seasons feed using oversowing 


Understanding the state of your pastures and knowing how to improve them the most cost-effective way is key. 


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Get the best advice on ryegrass oversowing rates


Trials are now demonstrating that increasing the seeding rates of annual and Italian ryegrasses can be more profitable. Extra dry matter produced throughout the season helps reduce supplementary feed costs, offsetting seed costs. 


Read more on optimal sowing rates & timing advice for ryegrass here.

Get the best advice on pastures that supply fast winter feed


Move your herd off costly supplementary feed and on to high quality grazing pastures faster. 



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Get the best advice on pastures that can supply quick feed off the break


Moving off supplementary feeding and onto homegrown feed saves money – and the quicker it happens the better the savings. 



Read more on quick feed advice factsheet here.






Contact us today to get the best advice on pastures that can future proof your feedbase. Ensuring you have feed now and in seasons ahead relies on good pasture planning and stock management. Our team of Territory Managers can assist with pasture varieties and sowing advice tailored to plans that can help future proof your operation and meet your long term business strategy.