Advanced Seed Coating Technology




Download a copy of the AgriCOTE factsheet here.


AgriCOTE is a tailored seed coating treatment that conveniently combines all the AgriCOTE technologies into the one high performing coat.


Starting with the highest quality seed available, Barenbrug then adds advanced binding and protective polymers & lime as the basis for this cutting-edge seed coating technology. The polymer formulation enables the seed to be coated evenly, which makes it easier to work with on farm and promotes a more even seed distribution in the paddock. In addition, the lime helps to optimise the pH level immediately around the germinating seed, which promotes faster moisture uptake by the seed & better establishment.


AgriCOTE treatments include:


  • Nutrients designed to be immediately available to the seedling
  • Protection against fungal diseases through a fungicide treatment
  • Insecticidal treatments to provide protection form biting and sucking insects.





AgriCOTE is designed to enhance seedling establishment by delivering improved early seedling vigour and root development, through the inclusion of growth promotants and dormancy breaking technologies.


In addition to all of these state-of-the-art elements, AgriCOTE also features encapsulated rhizobia which prolongs shelf life of treated legumes and helps to ensure good legume nodulation in the paddock and maximising you investment.


Not only easy to use on farm, AgriCOTE offers farmers and graziers improved germination and will enhance the overall health and well-being of your seedlings. This revolutionary seed coating technology also provides better seedling tolerance of post emergent stresses, which helps successfully grow productive pastures in tougher times.


The potential benefits include:


  • Dormancy breaking technology which is not available in any other seed coat
  • Improved plant establishment
  • Chemical growth promotants for improved early vigour
  • Improved early root growth and development
  • NPK nutrients and trace elements that are immediately available to the seedling
  • A more robust seedling for slow establishment grasses
  • Encapsulated Rhizobia for longer shelf life
  • Protection against biting and sucking insects
  • Improved tolerance to stress
  • Protection against fungal diseases
  • Better ballistic properties for flying onto hill country.