Which Pastures to Renovate?

No matter what type of stock you are running this season, you need pastures that will deliver. With the right pasture for your situation you can achieve quality feed with rapid establishment. This will enable you to keep your options open and concentrate on making every stock unit count and maximise your profits.


Whether you are growing winter lambs, dairy grazers, prime beef or perhaps all three, you will get more out of every stock unit and grow profits with new pastures.

The simplest way to identify paddocks for renovation is to compare the production of all paddocks on your farm, using your grazing records. If all the paddocks are the same size, simply add up the number of grazing/year for each paddock. If the paddocks are different sizes you need to calculate grazing/ha. Don’t forget to include hay or silage crops.


Typical pastures are grazed 10-12 times a year. Poor paddocks might give 2 less grazings than average and 4 less than top performing new grass paddocks. A gain of 2 grazing from renovation equates to 3-4t DM/ha and is highly economic. If the difference is larger, even bigger returns can be made.


View our Pasture Renovation Guide which contains information about pasture selection, establishment and management to assist with maximising the productivity of your property.