Future Variety Releases

Barenbrug continues to invest in the research and development of new cultivars to improve the profitability of our customers. Exciting projects currently underway include: 


  • Continual development of leading ryegrass cultivars including annuals, Italians and the very best perennial ryegrasses
  • Aluminium tolerant lucerne
  • Early season brachy subs
  • Shatter resistant balansa clover
  • Woolly pod vetch with improved cold tolerance
  • Common vetches with higher grain and DM production
  • Summer active fescue with improved rust resistance
  • Cocksfoot with improved summer dormancy and increased fine leaves
  • Improvements in buffel and panic grass cultivars
  • Winter active summer dormant phalaris
  • SU tolerance across a range of medic species
  • Improved grain sorghum and corn varieties
  • Higher yielding canola lines
  • Grazing tolerant forage cereals for sheep.