Investment in Research & Development

Our investment in research


Led by our team of qualified researchers the Barenbrug Research Farm is one of the most sophisticated pasture and forage trial sites in the Southern Hemisphere.


The 70 hectare Barenbrug Research Farm is located at Howlong in Southern New South Wales and is the centre of our research activities that strive to deliver better performing pastures to farmers throughout Australia. We also use a number of other trial locations to ensure our varieties are tested across the country in a wide range of environmental conditions.


We source a wide variety of pasture and forage plant genetics from both local and international breeding and research institutions. Our broad sourcing strategy gives us the best chances of success. We then undertake a rigorous testing program across our multiple locations to select the best varieties for local conditions.


Our long term commitment


All farming enterprises are long term commitments and developing new and improved pasture genetics is no different. At Barenbrug we believe that we have to keep innovating and adding value for our customers to support their long term sustainability.


We invest over $1 million annually in our research activities. This is in addition to the significant investment in land, equipment and other assets. This is a long term commitment because it takes up to twelve years to bring a new variety to market. Many varieties are tested but only a very small number, about 1%, make it through the research process. These selected few are the best of the best and will be proven performers. The end result will be better performing pastures and greater productivity for Australian farms.


The selection process


We sit down at the table regularly with international breeding and research organisations to source the ingredients for our menu of new and improved pasture varieties.


Our selection process is based on our intimate understanding of the characteristics of top performing pastures in Australian conditions. We then test our initial selection over many years and multiple locations to ensure only the best varieties are brought to market.


Our testing processes look at key characteristics including yield, palatability and persistence to ensure the successful varieties offer the complete package of benefits.


This guarantees that the performance of our new varieties are already proven before they come to market so you can grow them with confidence. Our credibility relies on the performance of our products, which is why we only offer the best performing seed.


Return on investment


Pasture is one of the most important investments farmers can make. To maintain a successful farming operation it is important that pastures deliver a solid, sustainable return. Our breeding and research activities ensure that you get just that. Our new and improved pasture varieties will not be the cheapest on the market, but they will deliver greater productivity on your farm ensuring that you get a positive return on your investment.


Better risk management


Managing risk effectively is a key ingredient in successful farming. Our investment in breeding and research over many years and many locations is designed to reduce your risk. We only sell pasture varieties that are proven performers over time and a variety of conditions. So you can plant them with confidence knowing they will perform as expected, minimising the risk that can be associated with trying something new.