'Sow The Revolution’ to benefit corn and sorghum growers

Corn and grain sorghum growers can both reduce their risk and manage their cash flow more efficiently this season thanks to an innovative Barenbrug initiative called ‘Sow the Revolution’.


The move by Heritage is set to really shake up the Australian summer grain crop seed market. Growers that participate in ‘Sow the Revolution’ can defer most of the seed costs on the premium HGS-114 and HGS-102 grain sorghums and HM-114 corn variety to the end of the season.


It’s a massive opportunity that will spread the cashflow and put more in the grower’s hip pocket to spend on other upfront costs like diesel, labour, fertiliser and pre-emergent products.


When growers participate in this revolutionary campaign they will have the added peace of mind knowing that if their crop is not fit for harvest, Heritage is with them all the way, taking an active role and prepared to share the risk.


Barenbrug Portfolio Manager for Summer Crop and Tropical, Rob Johnston, said his company’s campaign will be a huge benefit to growers.


“Sow The Revolution is an exceptional initiative to match our premium corn and sorghum varieties,” he said.


HGS-114 is a proven mid-season grain sorghum with flexible sowing time and impressive yield across all conditions.


HGS-102 has been bred to maximise top end yield with great test weight under stress and a high midge rating of 6. HM-114 is a true all-round feed corn with high yielding grain and silage potential in the mid maturity bracket. It offers growers true yield and stability across all conditions.”


Mr Johnston explained the program operates by the grower paying to their reseller an upfront deposit of just $80 on each bag of the selected premium seed varieties. The grower then doesn’t have to pay the remainder of the agreed bag price to the reseller until harvest.


In an event where a harvest does not occur, Barenbrug will investigate the situation. If the claim is successful, Barenbrug will credit the reseller the remainder of the bag price. In this instance, only the initial $80 is paid.


“We understand that establishing corn and grain sorghum is a big investment and that it comes with a risk, especially considering that any season can result in no harvest,” Mr Johnston said.


“Sow The Revolution is so exciting because it shows Barenbrug is prepared to help growers by taking away some of their seasonal risk, and also by deferring seed costs.


“For growers, it delivers unprecedented flexibility with the ability to free up funds that can be invested in other farm inputs or services. Or, it may just help by reducing the size of the crop loan and subsequent interest bill.


“Unlike other offers, in practical terms it’s like an interest free loan offered by Heritage from crop establishment through to harvest.


“Consistent feedback from Australian farmers is they’re looking for a quality alternative in both product and how the industry is prepared to do business.


“Growers should look for the distinctive yellow bag and go in and discuss this offer with their reseller,” he recommended.


For more information on this game changing program, growers can also contact their local Barenbrug Territory Manager or Rob Johnston on 0427 427 577.