Revolution BMR

Forage sorghum
  • Superior 12 gene BMR release
  • BMR sorghum x BMR sudan sorghum
  • Extremely vigorous hybrid well suited to early sowing
  • Higher water use efficiency (WUE) 
  • Highly palatable
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Forage sorghum
  • Sudan x sudan grass
  • Lower prussic acid levels
  • Intensive grazing for sheep and cattle
  • First choice for quality hay production
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Forage sorghum
  • Superior quality forage sorghum
  • Will not flower until day length is less than 12 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Able to remain in the vegetative stage longer and still produce large amounts of quality leaf
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Forage sorghum
  • Fine stemmed, especially at higher planting rates
  • Suits intensive grazing and high stocking rates
  • Ideal for early grazing
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Forage Sorghum
  • Ultra-late flowering Sorghum x Sudan Grass
  • Photoperiod sensitive with ultra-late flowering
  • Exceptional forage yields with rapid re-grazing intervals
  • Suited to dryland or irrigation
  • Increased utilisation
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Forage Sorghum
  • Sudan x Sudan Grass Hybrid
  • Fine stemmed for improved conservation quality
  • Photoperiod sensitive with delayed flowering
  • Increased tillering
  • Good option as a forage or for green manure crops


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Sugar Sweet

Forage Sorghum
  • Sweet Sorghum x Sorghum Sudan Hybrid
  • High energy feed with superior sugar content
  • Quality increases with maturity
  • Suited to beef grazing, carry over feed and silage
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Hybrid Pennisetum
  • Highly productive, producing high quality feed
  • Ultra-late maturity − option for late season feed to fill autumn feed gap
  • Excellent quick feed option for summer
  • Ideal for beef, sheep and dairy farming systems


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