Sunflower varieties available from Barenbrug Australia

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Ausigold 62

  • Monounsaturated oil type
  • Excellent grain to oil yield
  • Medium maturity
  • Suited to both early spring and summer plantings
  • Shorter plant height
  • Best commercial tolerance to TSV
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Ausistripe 14

  • Mid oleic birdseed
  • Suited to both spring and summer plantings
  • Medium maturity
  • Superior TSV tolerance
  • Medium to tall plant height
  • High market acceptance
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Ausiclear 20

IT (imi-tolerant) Sunflower
  • Black seed hybrid
  • High oleic (monounsaturated) oilseed
  • Early/medium maturity
  • Semi-erect head type
  • Short/medium plant height
  • Herbicide tolerant – for use with Intervix® from BASF
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