Ausistripe 14


  • Mid oleic birdseed
  • Suited to both spring and summer plantings
  • Medium maturity
  • Superior TSV tolerance
  • Medium to tall plant height
  • High market acceptance

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Key features

  • Grey stripe hybrid
  • Mid oleic birdseed
  • Medium maturity
  • Semi-erect head type
  • Medium to tall plant height



  • Strong seedling vigour
  • Excellent standability
  • Spring and summer plantings
  •  Wide level of adaptation
  • Early or late season planting option


Key benefits

  • High seed yielding potential
  • Superior TSV tolerance
  • Birdseed and confectionary markets
  • High market acceptance


Product fit

Ausistripe 14 grain is in high demand from the major processors and grain brokers servicing the birdseed and confectionary markets.


The large, even striped grain is a feature of this exciting hybrid. This sunflower hybrid has the ability to produce high tonnages of market preferred grain reliably and consistently. Being targeted at birdseed and confectionary markets, Ausistripe 14 still has the ability to be crushed for mid oleic oil if desired, making this variety very versatile. With a wide area of adaptation and suitability, Ausistripe 14 is well suited to a variety of production zones, bolstered by an industry leading disease package, with good tolerance to rust, alternaria and tobacco streak virus.

Attributes chart

Agronomy and management

Head inclination and stem curvature

Hybrids with pendulous heads tend to suffer less sunscald at flowering than erect hybrids. However, pendulous hybrids with highly curved stems are more prone to lodging, making harvesting difficult, and water may pool in the back of the heads, increasing susceptibility to disease. Ausistripe 14 with a semi-erect head makes the hybrid well balanced to address lodging, sunscald and water pooling issues.


Seed size

Small to medium seed is preferred for early and / or spring plantings, as smaller seed generally establishes better in cooler conditions. Medium to large seed should be used in warmer conditions or when planting deeper into moisture. Larger seed is more suited to precision planters, as smaller, lighter seed may result in doubles in one hole of the planter plate.


Seed treatments

Ausistripe 14 is supplied with OptiCOTE™ Select, which includes the insecticide fipronil and fungicide thiram to provide protection against soil dwelling insects and soil borne diseases.


Soil temperature and planting window

For early sowings, the soil temperature at 10 cm depth should exceed 10–12ºC at 8.00 am Eastern Standard Time and the period of heavy frosts should be finished. While 10ºC is the minimum, it is important to plant on rising soil temperatures. Sunflower establishment will be best when 7–10 days of favourable growing conditions immediately follow planting. Extremes of heat or cold may result in patchy plant stands.



Suggested sowing rates




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