Agricote Pure Distinction


(Sowing rate: 0.7 – 1kg/100m2)   


Pure Distinction is the newest advancement in bentgrass breeding to enter the world market. It has been bred from a family that includes Penncross and well-known Penn A’s and G’s. Pure Distinction takes bent to the next level with superb attributes of — sword density, leaf fineness, upright growth, and pureness of ball roll that other bents cannot match. This bentgrass will offer your members the ultimate putting experience, smooth and true ball rolls as well as helping restrict poa annua invasion. Pure Distinction is uniquely bright green in colour with, exceptionally strong disease resistance, wear, heat and cold tolerance. It has been backed by independent trials in Australia and comes in Barenbrug’s tailored seed coat AgriCOTE. This enhances seedling establishment and reduces Pythium outbreaks.


Key features

Australian trials have demonstrated

  • Australian trials have demonstrated
  • #1 quality assessment
  • #1 density assessment
  • Proven restriction of poa annua invasion
  • #1 performer in drought and heat
  • Bright green colour
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Fast germination
  • AgriCOTE enhanced


Key benefits

  • Excellent member feedback - even consistent putting surfaces across the greens
  • Reduced unslightly poa invasion and management leading to the above point
  • Greater tolerance to heat and unexpected irrigation or drought conditions
  • Unique colour that stands out for approach shots to the green
  • Fast establishment of greens to get you back into play quicker
  • Reduced fungal break outs and better water use via AgriCOTE


Find out more about the benefits of using Pure Distinction Turf with testimonials by champion Golfer Marcus Fraser. 


Download a copy of the Pure Distinction factsheet 


Available for purchase via Nuturf Australia. For more information visit or call 1800 631 008.